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I will make the most of your trip to Buenos Aires by arranging Private Tours, Transfers and Tango Show tickets. Should you not find a tour that suits you, I will gladly tailor one according to your preferences.
Buenos Aires City Tour
Buenos Aires City Tour
This sightseeing city tour covers Buenos Aires historical evolution, its customs, its most picturesque neighborhoods and the main components of its culture, which will help you to understand in a better way its peculiar idiosyncrasy.
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Buenos Aires City Tour Full Day
Buenos Aires City Tour - Full Day
During this sightseeing tour,besides visiting the traditional neighborhoods with more time and detail, we will enlarge our route and include different places we would not be able to visit in a shorter tour.
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Jewish Buenos Aires
Jewish Buenos Aires
The Jewish community in BA is the third biggest in the world, and has left its mark in the city. Along this interesting tour we will visit the places that have been historically associated with the community, that are nowadays part of the city’s cultural heritage.
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Tango Show
Tango Show
Enjoy a splendid tango show in which you will be able to see a top-quality show with professional tango singers and dancers, in one of the most exclusive atmospheres of Buenos Aires´ nightlife. 
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Tigre Tour
Tigre Tour
We will travel 30 km north from Buenos Aires to enter Tigre city, where it starts the Delta of the Paraná River. In this incredible tropical landscape, people live quietly, very close to the river and the lush green of nature.
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Tigre Tour and lunch at villa julia
Tigre Tour & Lunch at Villa Julia
In this tour we will combine a visit to Tigre and its Delta with a magnificient lunch at Villa Julia, a beautiful mansion surrounded by a lavish garden and overlooking the river. There, we will indulge in its great cuisine and enjoy the landscape of the Delta.
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Gaucho Tour
Gaucho Tour
We will travel 120 km north from BA to enter the land of the gauchos. We will first stop at San Antonio de Areco, a beautiful colonial village. We will spend the rest of the day in a estancia, where we will have a tasty barbecue and wines for lunch.
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Colonia del Sacramento
Colonia del Sacramento
Located on the opposite coast of the River Plate is the ancient city of Colonia del Sacramento. In this tour we will visit the historic quarter, with its charming cobbled streets, flowery balconies, and the astonishing colonial layout.
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private transfer
Private Transfer
Get to your Hotel, Airport or Cruise Ship Terminal in the most comfortable way by booking a private transfer. Your personal driver will pick you up at the agreed time and place.
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